Our world wants to polarize us–are you basic? or are you extra? Really, aren’t we a little of both? Pop culture will tell you that you’re basic if you love fall, pumpkin spice lattes and Ugg boots. Really, though, what’s wrong with any of those? And you’re extra if you love a little glitz, some attention, maybe get dramatic about things from your eyeliner, to being a bit dramatic about the way your coworker “accidentally” ate your yogurt from the staff fridge.

But what about the cool things you experience in your journey? The people whose lives run into yours, whose stories enthrall and inspire you, or bring your to your knees in gratitude for your great fortune? I’m here to talk about those stories. Hurt, healing, defeat, triumph, standing over our personal Goliaths. Let’s celebrate the extra in the ordinary.

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